Road Scholar

2018 Dates:

Lake Erie, Birding the Islands & Shores #12641- May 6-11 and May 13-18
The Spirt of the Lake Erie Islands, The Drama, the Beauty, the Science #1804  May 20-25, September 9-14 and September 16-21
Photographing the Beauty of the Lake Erie Islands #21772                   September 23-28

Road Scholar Group Picture- History Natural History Fall 2017

History RS 2017

Road Scholar Group Picture and Birding List 4/30-5/5

2017 Bird List April 30- May 5

image (1) image (2)

For additional information and to enroll in any of these Road Scholar programs, visit or call 1 800 454 5768

Bird List May 1-6 2016 Click to Download!

2016 Bird List May 8-13 Click to Download!

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