School Groups

School Group Programs at the Nature Center and at Your School

Teachers! Going on a field trip to Put-in-Bay? Stop by the Nature Center!

Explore our exhibits of North American animal diversity and our nature trail on your own or ask for a guided tour.  Arrange ahead to a 30 or 60 minute Program for your students’ grade level. Our Programs are based on the Ohio Education Standards and Next Gen standards. We complement O.S.U. ‘s Stone Laboratory Lake Erie Workshops, by emphasizing the Islands’ Flora, Fauna, and Lands as well as our Nature Center’s North American Animal Diversity Collection.

Programs: one selection can be 30 or 60 minutes.  With an optimum 25 students per group, two programs in two locations on our site can be given simultaneously with a group of 50.

C= inside Nature Center, P=outside Porch, T=Trail                                                  Select from the list below.

P- Grade 4 Fossils- island fossils comparison to animals living in the seas today

C- Grade 4 Landforms- local Karst sinkholes, caves, glacial features, and islands

T- Grade 4 Animal structures- survival, extirpation, growth, behavior, and reproduction

T- Grade 5 Ecosystems- pPollinator food chains, migrations, decomposers

C- Grade 5  Ecosystems- North American food chains scavenger hunt

P,T- Grade 6 Rock Formation: identify island formations rock types

P,C- Grade 6 Minerals: identify island minerals through their crystal shapes and hardness

C- Grade 7 Populations: interactions, abiotic factors, and extirpation

P, T- Grade 7 Ecosystem Energy Flow: carbon cycle, producers, pond phytoplankton

C- Grade 7 Ecosystem Energy Flow: energy pyramids

T- Grade 7 Hydrology: Rock layers created caves and karst topography, pollution effects

C, P, T- Grade 8 Fossil Evidence:  fossils related to formation of island rock layers

C, P, T- Grade 8 Reproduction: Island monarchs, birds, and exhibited salmon

C- H.S. Biology: Heredity and gene flow of Lake Erie Watersnake

T- H.S.  Envi.: Natural Selection & Extirpation of island plants and animals

C, T, P- Any Age Pollinators: Pollinator Hotel, Living Hive, Phenology & Native Gardens

Group Program Prices: $1.00 each elementary student, $2 grades 7-12,

Teachers/Chaperones $2

Call the Lake Erie Island Nature and Wildlife Center at 419/285-3037 and leave a message for Amy or Jackie to make a reservation for your Group Program.

Many Group Programs can be brought to your classroom. $100 during the ferry season, April-Nov, $150 during the island flying season Dec.- Mar. Call to inquire.