Road Scholar

2019 Dates:

Lake Erie, Birding the Islands & Shores #12641                                     May 5-10, May 12-17,                                                                                                       May 19-24 *Takes place on Kelleys Island with a visit to Pelee Island. Does not include Point Pelee National Park, Ohio State University’s Stone Lab and Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. Accommodations at the Kelleys Island Venture Resort.
The Spirt of the Lake Erie Islands, The Drama, the Beauty, the Science #1804RJ  , May 19-24 and September 8-13
For additional information and to enroll in any of these Road Scholar programs, visit or call 1 800 454 5768
 May 6-11 Birding List and Group Photo 2018 Bird List May 6-11

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The mission of the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center is to promote conservation and education of the flora, fauna, and lands of the Lake Erie Islands ecosystem.