Wild Tuesdays

LETS Get WILD on Tuesdays

The purpose is to educate visitors on Ohio’s native wildlife by providing an up-close and often hands-on interactive experience. 

2017 summer we averaged 115 visitors each week!

Wild Tuesday’s started as a “grassroots” outreach and education program hosted at the Lake Erie Islands Nature & Wildlife Center in 2009, reaching out to islanders and visitors every Tuesday for a few hours mid June through mid August. The first program was titled “Slithering Snakesssss” with Dr. Kristin Stanford and some of her fun helpers. They brought the Lake Erie Water Snake for a show-and-tell experience for islanders and visitors. Everyone was able to have a nice interactive experience with these animals. This idea and the programs grew more popular very quickly reaching out to hundreds of visitors. Soon the idea gained a mission and purpose to “educate visitors on Ohio’s native wildlife by providing an up-close and often hands-on interactive experience”. We began asking other experts to do programs with their favorite animals, opening the programs up to all kinds of interesting animals and visitors. We have had programs on spiders, frogs, raptors, bees, moths, slugs, butterflies, fish, and a whole bunch more! The Wild Tuesday’s programs are still reaching out to hundreds of visitors at the Wildlife Center each summer. Not only do these programs allow us to reach out to all kinds of visitors, but the outreach has allowed us a variety of funding opportunities so we can continue to do these programs and many others at the Wildlife Center and on the islands.

2018 Dates!

Wild Tuesday Schedule 2018




June 12th

Professor of Biology, Defiance College- Dr. Doug Kane


June 19th

 Owner of BeeOlogy- Dave Duncan


June 26th

Ohio Bluebird Society’s Madame Wing-Nut- Paula Ziebarth


July 3rd

Ohio State University- Dr. Richard Bradley


July 10th

Lake Erie Islands Conservancy- Lisa Brohl

Dragon & Damselflies

July 17th

Cleveland State University- Jay Reynolds 


July 24th

 Maumee Bay State Park Naturalist

 Reptiles &Amphibians  

July 31st

Author of The Caves of Put-in-Bay- Amy Huston 

Caves of Put-in-Bay 

August 7th  

OSU’s Stone Laboratory



Brought to you by Lake Erie Islands Nature & Wildlife Center, Lake Erie Islands Conservancy, and Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory, and Miller Boat Line.

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The mission of the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center is to promote conservation and education of the flora, fauna, and lands of the Lake Erie Islands ecosystem.